On Christmas Day

On Christmas Day

“You need a change. You’re crabby and stale,” I told myself. It saved Chris from saying it.

“Don’t spend Christmas Day on that colourfully-eff-named laptop.”

So that’s alright. I didn’t have my hearing aids in, so I can ignore myself.

I’m already having a change. Haven’t opened the SF folder for almost a week (Withdrawal symptoms including moderate to heavy drinking). But nobody can’t stop me thinking about what might happen if the lovelorn alien finally finds the courage... or Capataine Marika of the SNS Destroyer "Smash Ho!" really doesn't feel like following orders that day...

Currently, I’m going through a folder of nearly 300 stories that aren’t SF. Some just need a tweak; some a complete re-write; others putting on one side. I’m not sure how, or when, but I seem to have decided to add a little illustrative icon to each one. It keeps me entertained.

I’ll put one on a blog before long so you get the idea. Maybe another little thing for Christmas day.

Saved by the Poem!

But, Christmas Day – Poetry, I thought. For a complete change, I'll resurrect the poems folder, almost untouched for the past year – Sci-Fi or not. So I'm thinking of having a day looking through the folder of poems (sad, innit?) Some of them I truly like – they make me warm or sad or I have a laugh. And some I think, ‘That is just awesome – where did I get that one from?’

So that’s what awaits – a day wallowing in poetry…. plus whisky, (or whiskey – I like both countries)… quite likely a beer or two… maybe a gin… “The kids” (in their 40s) will pop in to collect their Christmas dinner, but they can’t come indoors and eat it eat here, as in every previous before. So it’s the two of us – me and the laptop…. And Chris.

I'll do a blog post with a poem, too - I'll look tomorrow - C-Day.

This is one of the possible covers I made up for the poetry book (it's a very varied selection of poems).

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