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Cut & Paste - a new dimension


This is the making of the cover for a book of short stories to be released late this year or early 2023

Amazingly (I'm a tad surprised, anyway) it's a lot easier to swap round all the elements of a picture, such as for a book cover, on paper, than it is on the screen.

Each little picture reflects a story in the book - the Antarctic, Japan, the coffee shop, the hotel kitchen, the desert plane crash, being locked in the freezer...

The whole process of changing angles and positions takes five minutes per item on screen. It takes five seconds on the table, and the process can be repeated endlessly to obtain the right balance of colours and topics for the icons that are spread around the world.

I've been looking for a title for this future book of short stories from around the world. Must be no more than two or three words. preferably reflecting something to do with funny, different, and variety. Crazy World, perhaps. Suggestions welcome.

There are thirty stories from eighteen countries in the present line-up; all original. I can't imagine that it will change much from that.

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